From 05th to 16th of November 2018, the Pilot Course “21000” (Medical Combat Care in Maritime Operations) was conducted at NMIOTC’s premises.

The aim of the 1st week was to build evidence-based and life-saving Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) knowledge and practical skills in order to improve survivability on the battlefield, based upon the newest Co – TCCC Guidelines for medical personnel. The aim of the 2nd week was to integrate medical personnel skills and knowledge in performing necessary pre-hospital emergency medical assistance at the site, from the Point of Injury (POI) in the mission/theatre until the final transfer of the injured personnel to the closest Medical Treatment Facility (MTF), in support of Maritime Interdiction Operations, taking into consideration legal concerns and restrictions of the maritime environment as well.

In total, seventeen (17) trainees from Bahrain, Japan, Pakistan, Qatar, USA and Greece attended the course. Training was delivered with the participation of nine (9) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Medical Personnel from Greece in cooperation with NMIOTC Instructors.