NMIOTC organized and conducted the Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) Lessons Learned (LL) Lessons Identified (LI) and Best Practices (BP) Process Workshop in the eve of Operation Sea Guardian Focused Operations in-brief at its premises on Thursday the 7th of Feb 2019.

The aim of the workshop was to analyze VBSS and MIO operations which were executed recently form a Hellenic Coast Guard SOF team to a vessel involved in illicit trafficking as well as various MIO ops executed from Hellenic Navy assets and SOF/UDT teams in an effort to support NATO’s LL and BP process.

The LL & BP Workshop was facilitated by the Quality Assurance Management (QAM) team of NMIOTC with the involvement of Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM), the Commander and staff from the Task Group of Operation Sea Guardian, and representatives from various Armed Forces, Law Enforcement authorities, US NSA and NMIOTC’s international staff.

The outcomes of the Workshop, such as Lessons Identified, remedial actions etc, will enhance the internal QAM process of training deliverables in NMIOTC and through Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) will support the Alliance’s future operations.