From 17 to 28 September 2018, the NMIOTC Maritime Operational Terminology Course (MOTC) was conducted at NMIOTC premises with the support of NATO Allied Command Transformation.

The aim of the course was to instruct NATO and partners maritime and military officials in Maritime Operations Terminology and explain operational procedures in order to prepare them to take part in NATO-led Maritime Operations and Exercises.

The course was attended by 14 trainees, from 12 countries (Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Colombia, Georgia, Greece, Jordan, Lithuania, Malta, Mauritania, Qatar, U.A.E. and Ukraine).They had the opportunity to work closely and share their experience with NMIOTC and US Navy Instructors.

Upon completion of the training, trainees improved their knowledge in the terminology and procedures used in NATO publications and doctrines and became more interoperable with NATO forces during NATO/PfP/MD/ICI/PatG maritime exercises or NATO-led maritime operations. MOTC also enhanced the participant’s understanding of how to plan and execute such exercises in accordance with NATO publications in a simulated environment. Graduates acquired the skill set necessary to integrate easily into staffs or Tactical Groups participating in NATO-led maritime operations and exercises.