From 17 to 27 September 2018, NMIOTC hosted the “Special Operations Maritime Planning Process Course” in cooperation with the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), United States European Command (USEUCOM), and Special Operations Command Europe (SOCOM).

The course was led by JSOU instructors from the United States and United Kingdom with the participation of twenty six trainees from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, and Italy.

The course was designed to prepare officers and NCOs from the SOF community to serve as part of a Coalition Joint Task Force or Special Operations maritime planning group. The course focused on SOF component planning, coordination, and integration within a maritime-based, operational-level Joint Task Force.

The course featured in an immersive practical planning exercise culminating in two major briefings, during which the students presented mission plans to the NMIOTC Commandant, Commodore Stelios Kostalas, GRC(N), and a senior member of the JSOU team, role playing as the SOF component commander.