This year, the NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium will be held in NMIOTC, from 11 till 13 June 2019.

It is an event, co-hosted by NATO’s Allied Command Transformation and International Staff Political Affairs and Security Policy Division which engages the partnership network and community in a “one NATO” spirit of political-military cooperation.

Envisioned be a participative workshop focused on the future evolution of NATO’s partnerships policy, which will bring together civilian and military representatives from Allies and all partner nations to stimulate free exchange of ideas.

The event will include a number of smaller break-out groups where participants contribute their thoughts and brainstorm issues and policy approaches actively.

Topics are among reinforcing the 2018 Summit program, supporting Projecting Stability, shared awareness and understanding of new technologies in the face of hybrid challenges, through critical thinking and discourse on issues beyond the focus of current events.

Participants are Allied and partner civilian and military delegates working on NATO partnerships and cooperative security policy at subject matter expert level, including relevant stakeholders from the broader community of interest.