Description: A final Tactical Exercise will be conducted in vicinity of NMIOTC (Training platforms, underway vessels). Purpose of the Exercise is to consolidate lessons, assess
planning and practical skills for search (persons and vehicle) and exploitation tasks. Students will assume the role of performing their Force Protection plan (seawards/landwards) IAW the plan which will have been prepared during TXX 4.
Objectives:Upon completion students will be able to:

  1. Assume the role of Force Protection Coordinator (FPC) to provide FP support to a High Value Unit (HVU) during their mission.
  2. Conduct appropriate Port Arrival Drills.
  3. Carry out a systematic search and neutralize targets (seawards/landwards).
  4. Demonstrate effective 360 degree situational awareness throughout and initiate appropriate response to incidents occurring during the exercise. The HVU will be simulated by NMIOTC Training Platform and En Forces will be provided by NMIOTC personnel.

The duration of the module is 5-6 training hours.