Description: This module comprises four (4) Table Top Exercises (TTX) during which students will progressively experience the steps required to build the necessary skills to mount a complex MFP mission as an appointed Force Protection Coordinator (FPC). An initial scenario will see student syndicates functioning as an adversarial threat group to mount an operation against Friendly Forces. With the lessons learned from syndicate solutions from TTX1, TTXs 24 will introduce realistic missions requiring appropriate MFP responses involving the FPC, vessel crew and a range of assets including Host Nation (HN) support. Each TTX syndicate solution will be presented and comprehensively debriefed. TTX 4 will provide a solution which will be used to mount the final tactical exercise.

Objectives: Upon completion Students will be able to:

  1. Appreciate the range of attack options available to an enemy force in planning and staging an attack against a Friendly Force target in an asymmetric threat environment.
  2. Plan an MFP Operation from the perspective of an FPC to provide safety and security throughout the mission utilizing available resources.
  3. Provide thorough briefings and reports to higher Command on the plan to include planning justification, threat, protection levels, Rules of Engagement/Escalation of Force, phases of Operation and resources required.

The duration of the module is approximately 4 days.