Description: The module’s main objective is to provide an overview/familiarization of apply ing an appropriate Level of Force in order to provide protection against asymmetric threats,using commonly available means and equipment.

Trainees are taught the principles and the application of force. These encompass;General Rules for Use of Force, the Levels of Force,escalation of force when appropriate,Seaward/Landward Security Zones and other factors that affect EOF.

Trainees will perform a number of seaward/landward scearios, so as to adopt an offensive posture(Mindset) to better under stand/apply the Force Escalation Awareness measures, by exploiting appropriate EOF Tools.

Objectives: Upon completion trainees will be able to:

  1. Explain Force Escalation awareness measures.
  2. Describe Levels of Force.
  3. Establish Seaward/Landward Security Zones.
  4. Perform scenarios by applying appropriate escalation of force.

The duration of the module is 4 training hours.