Description: Trainees will receive training on opposed boarding on high jacked vessel Citadel scenario and securing, search and release of Merchant Vessel (M/V) crew in a citadel or safe compartment (day and night scenarios), and will focus on the challenges posed by the use of best management practises (BMPs).

Specific Objectives: Trainees will conduct investigation of pirate mother ship safely and effectively by:

  1. Safely conducting approach of a pirate mother ship.
  2. Safely and effectively boarding a pirate mother ship.
  3. Applying appropriate techniques for sweeping a pirate mother ship.
  4. Safely and effectively handling the crew of a pirate mother ship.
  5. Safely and effectively searching a pirate mother ship.
  6. Conducting interrogation of the crew of a pirate mother ship.
  7. Arresting suspected pirates.
  8. Transferring suspected pirates.
  9. Collecting and handling evidences.

The duration of the module is 5 training hours.