Description: The main objective of the module is to evaluate the ship’s internal organization in terms of effec tiveness in conducting MIO and the ship’s equipment’s condi tion and utilization related to MIO.

During the “Open Seas” Final Tactical Exercise (FTX), NMIOTC’s Sea Training Instruc tors evaluate ship’s different

teams while they are involved in MIO. Apart from CT’s and BT’s organisation, boat and helicopter details, Ship Control Team and Small Action Calibre Team are also evaluated in terms of organi zation and performance while conducting various MIO scenarios. Additionally, the ship’s (different teams) equipment related to VBSS is also evaluated in terms of maintenance, performance, complete ness and safe handling.

Internal and external information flow will receive a special focus, simulating external tactical commands connected by tacti cal chat and playing situation reporting and ROE implementation process.

“Open Sea” is often tailored and mission rehearsal, addition ally can be conducted either with the ship underway or alongside because of the close relative position of the training area, the mooring station and the Training platform Aris. This option is often chosen to minimize training costs and is an example of Smart defence.

The duration of the module (FTX) is 7 training hours.