Description: The module’s main objective is to improve the Boarding Team’s skills necessary to conduct boarding operations under multiple threats (booby traps, CBRN material, IEDs, etc.).

During this module, the trainees gain a theoretical understanding of the threats (military or improvised explosive devices, CBRN materials, hazardous cargo) they may come across. Additionally they will become familiar with the effects of certain CBRN materials on humans and the actions that need to be taken upon finding and recognizing them.

The practical portion of the module addresses searching methods that a Boarding Team may utilise in order to conduct a safe search of a vessel while under the aforementioned threats.


Objectives: Upon completion the Boarding Team will be better able to:

    1. Identify IEDs during a boarding.
    2. Use proper search techniques in a potential IED environment.

The duration of the module is 5 training hours (1 hour classroom and 4 hours practical).