Description: The main objective of the module is to improve the coxswains’ skills necessary to handle small boats in support of MIO.

During the practical training the trainees go through all the main RHIB pre-sail checks that must be completed before every sail. They also learn and execute basic techniques on how to manoeuvre and approach a suspect vessel both dead slow and underway. Additionally, they learn and execute immediate action drills in case of receiving fire, during approach and at the stand by position.


This module is not included in Resident Course 3000.


Objectives: Upon completion the coxswains will be better able to:

    1. Apply pre-sail checks and maintenance.
    2. Apply crew and passenger safety and regulations.
    3. Manoeuvre the RHIB for a MIO operation.
    4. Execute emergency procedures and manoeuvres.

Note: This module is not part of Resident Course 3000, but is available for Tailored Training.


The duration of the module is 1 hour in classroom. The duration of practical training depends on the number of trainees and their skill level. Average time is 2 hours per trainee.