Description: The main objective of the module is the improvement of the Boarding Team’s skills in tactical movement/sweep onboard a suspect vessel (SV).

During the practical training, the trainees will review room clearing fundamentals and how to clear corners, ladders and stairwells. Additionally they will learn and execute tactical movement in passageways, small compartments and also on open decks.

Finally, they will practice basic room clearing using marking ammunition weapons systems and rounds.

The practical portion of the training is conducted onboard the training ship.


Objectives: Upon completion the Boarding Party will be better able to:

    1. Apply tactical movement procedures in passageways.
    2. Clear passageways.
    3. Clear stairwells / ladders.
    4. Apply compartment entry procedures.

The duration of the module is 5 training hours (1 hour classroom and 4 hours practical).