Description: The main objective of the module is to improve Boarding Team member skills into safely and effectively inspecting standard shipping containers.

In this module, trainees will utilize climbing techniques and opening methods on a stack of three containers. Additionally, trainees will thoroughly review the dangers that may be encountered during container inspection operations and all the safety measures that must be followed.


Objectives: Upon completion the Boarding Team member will be better able to:

    1. Identify required climbing equipment.
    2. Describe the proper use of climbing equipment.
    3. Describe the process to enter and search container.

Note: The container inspection portion of the course includes a demonstration, not practical exercise by trainees. If trainees in this course are qualified in Climbing/Rappel Operations and submit to NMIOTC a qualification certificate approved by an appropriate national authority and in accordance with their country’s qualification standards, they may participate in a practical exercise of this skill. This performance is not required for course completion.


The duration of the module is 3 training hours (1 hour classroom and 4 hours practical).