Description: The core objective of the module is to execute initial casualty treatment at the site (moulage) independently or in teams and as required by the situation/tactical environment.

Additional areas covered:

  1. Illustrate basic principles for casualty treatment at the site and potential limitations/boundaries.
  2. Operate needle chest decompression.
  3. Identify factors in litter selection and evacuation equipment in Tactical Field Care.
  4. Demonstrate / utilize the telemedicine as a tool to provide emergency care with remote support from physicians.


Objectives: Upon completion students should be able to:

  1. Perform Rapid Casualty Assessment (Care under Fire – CUF).
  2. Make proper use of X-stat and junctional tourniquet when needed.
  3. Manage fluid resuscitation for a trauma casualty in hemorrhagic shock in Tactical Field Care.
  4. Prepare casualty for TEC while reassessing vital signs and casualty status.
  5. Demonstrate Prolonged Field Care (i.e. casualty card, vital signs).

The duration of the module is 9,5 training hours.