Description: The main objective is to show the basic management plan in TFC while applying emergency medical assistance based on latest guidelines for tactical trauma assessment sequence.

Additional areas covered:

  1. Introduce triage casualties as required.
  2. Prioritize a Tactical Trauma Casualty Assessment.
  3. Identify the importance of disarming and securing communications gear of a casualty with altered mental status.
  4. Discuss the importance and techniques of communication with a casualty and unit leadership in Tactical Field Care
  5. Identify the importance and methods of documenting casualty care in TCCC.

Objectives: Upon completion students will be able to:

  1. Recall the necessary actions from treating massive hemorrhage, preventing hypothermia to administrating antibiotics e.t.c..
  2. Prepare documentation of care in Tactical Field Care.
  3. Communicate combat casualty care items effectively in Tactical Field Care.
  4. Perform 9-line MEDEVAC request.
  5. Describe the preparation of a casualty for evacuation in Tactical Field Care.

The duration of the module is 6 training hours