Description: The objective of this module is to provide an overview of a boarding operation on a Suspect Vessel from embarkation through to hand over to a Ship Control Team. The trainees will review and analyze actions necessary during boarding operations, including the coordination needed between the elements of the Boarding Party, the insertion assets, and the mother ship. Additionally, they will learn about the general and the specialized equipment required to accomplish a boarding operation. Boarding Officer (BO) and Boarding Team (BT) members analyze the task list in accordance with ATP-71.


Objectives: Upon completion the Boarding Party will be better able to:

    1. Organize a Boarding Team.
    2. Identify all necessary BT equipment for a boarding.
    3. Understand basic BT communications during a boarding.
    4. Describe the Boarding Officer’s action Task List.

The duration of the module is 2 training hours.