Description: The module’s main objective is to conduct Insertion by using available assets (helicopter, RHIB Boat, Land Vehicles etc.) into JOA as part of a multinational operation in MIO MPSI CCS.

Trainees will conduct insertion into designated area by:

  1. Utilizing from available asset(s) to conduct insertion,
  2. Getting and sitting into asset(s) which is aligned with tactical situation,
  3. Moving into insertion point without getting noticed,
  4. Using equipment necessary to disembark from available asset(s);
  5. Establishing Rendezvous Point for extraction,
  6. Extraction from JOA


Objectives: Upon completion of the module the trainees will be able to:

  1. Review Safety Regulations.
  2. Prepare a loading/sitting plan related to available asset.
  3. Conduct insertion without getting noticed and utilize from necessary equipment to disembark.
  4. Establish communication with available asset, establish a rendezvous point (RP) and Execute tactical extraction to RP.


The duration of the module is 1 training hours (1h classroom).