Description: The main objective of the module is to explain and conduct tactical movement/sweep techniques inside of CCS in MIO MPS CCS.

During the theoretical training, the trainees will review tactical movement/sweep techniques and room, building entry procedures. During the practical training the trainees will conduct tactical movement/sweep techniques inside of CCS.

The practical training is going to be conducted at CUTA. This practical training gives a great opportunity to trainees to utilize from “Train As You Fight” motto.


Objectives: Upon completion of the module the trainees will be able to:

  1. Describe security fundamentals in confined spaces, breaking corners, defending sectors, how to defend sectors while moving up/down stairwells/ladders, how to eliminate the immediate threat and movement to point of domination.
  2. Explain tactical movement techniques, tactical movement up/down stairwells/ladders, room entry techniques.
  3. Identify types of rooms.
  4. Describe the techniques to move in corners, streets and crossroads.
  5. Identify IEDs in Urban Environment.
  6. Review Safety Regulations.
  7. Apply tactical movement procedures.
  8. Demonstrate room, building clearing procedures.
  9. Apply stairwell/ladder clearing techniques.
  10. Apply room, building entry procedures.


The duration of the module is 13 training hours (1h classroom and 12h practical).