Description: The main objective of the module is to demonstrate the knowledge of tactical movement procedures and conduct tactical movement/sweep techniques outside of CCS in MIO MPS CCS.

During the theoretical training, the trainees will demonstrate the necessary knowledge of procedures to move in corners, streets crossroads; climbing walls, windows and outside/inside using of ladders. During the practical training the trainees will conduct tactical movement/sweep techniques in MIO MPS CCS.

The practical training is going to be conducted at Training Yard and CUTA. This practical training gives a great opportunity to trainees to utilize from “Train As You Fight” motto.


Objectives: Upon completion of the module the trainees will be able to:

  1. Identify the required climbing equipment and techniques.
  2. Describe the indoor/outdoor usage of climbing equipment.
  3. Describe the process to enter a room.
  4. Describe the techniques to move in corners, streets and crossroads.
  5. Identify IEDs in Urban Environment.
  6. Review Safety Regulations.
  7. Use the required climbing equipment and apply appropriate techniques.
  8. Perform the process to enter a room.
  9. Perform tactical movement in corners, streets, crossroads.
  10. Perform search techniques in a potential IED environment.


The duration of the module is 4 training hours (1h classroom and 3h practical).