Description: The module’s main objective is to provide practical training in application of knowledge and skills learned in modules 18014 through 18017. During this module the students will be exposed to single-handed scenarios in order to experience the Tactical Forensic Site exploitation tasks in their complexity and sequence. Afterwards, the students will be divided in Tactical Forensic Site exploitation teams to conduct team scenarios. Within the teams students will be assigned different roles, which will be alternated for each new scenario in order to provide students with training in all team roles. Each single-handed and team scenario will be assessed and summarized by the instructors. Feedback will be provided to the students. During the module, the trainees will practice skills in:

  • Tactical Forensic Site exploitation planning
  • Tactical Forensic Site exploitation safety procedures, and task sequence
  • Collection of photographic evidence
  • Collection of latent fingerprints
  • Collection of physical evidence
  • Collection of DNA evidence
  • Proper evidence documentation, handling, and transportation
  • Fundamental rules to be followed while conducting evidence documentation, handling and transportation
  • Creating a proper evidence log.

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the trainees will be able to:

    1. Understand basic rules and approaches to Tactical Forensic Site exploitation
    2. Apply correct procedures for collection of evidence
    3. Apply correct procedures for documentation of evidence
    4. Apply correct procedures for transportation of evidence
    5. Understand the tasks and conducted during Tactical Forensic Site exploitation and their proper sequence.

The duration of the module is 6 training hours (3h of single-handed scenarios, 3h of team scenarios on the training platform).