Description: The module’s main objective is to provide forensic evidence collection operators with the knowledge necessary to properly conduct evidence collection supporting tactical forensic site exploitation in different modes and environments using prop er evidence collection equipment and following proper procedures. During the module, the trainees will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in:

  • Basic rules and approaches to evidence collection during Tactical Forensic Site exploitation
  • Fundamental rules to be followed while collecting physical evidence
  • Fundamental rules to be followed while conducting evidence documentation, handling and transportation
  • Creating a proper evidence log

Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the trainees will

  1. Understand basic rules and approaches to Tactical Forensic
  2. Apply correct procedures for collection of physical evidence.
  3. Understand the tasks and conducted during evidence collection and their proper sequence
  4. Effectively collect, handle, and transport wet physical evidence.
  5. Effectively collect, handle, and transport dry physical evidence.

The duration of the module is 1 training hour (1h of theoretical training and practical training on the training platform).