Description: The main objective for the trainees (from instructors’ perspective/role) is to simulate the training process with their audience while presenting a selected topic from a pre-defined list.

Additional areas covered:

Trainees will prepare individually and present their final microteaching project. They will be evaluated in 3 different levels.

  1. Their performance in terms of designing (level 1) a proper training solution for specific target audience.
  2. Their ability to apply the knowledge they acquired to developing (level 2) the necessary courseware
  3. Their skills as educators to interact with their audience and enhance the training experience by delivering in class their final project (level 3).

Objectives: Upon completion students will be able to implement the proper educational strategy for the selected topic by maximizing the transfer of knowledge and by enhancing the training experience.

The duration of the module is 2,5 training days (up to 8 trainees will be presenting their microteaching per day).