Description: The main objective of this module is to introduce trainees to the legal regimes regulating migration related operations at sea, presenting a comprehensive overview of the legal aspects and concerns arising in such operations. After an introduction to the legal framework of Migration Related Operations and Saving Lives at Sea, focus will be given to the distinction between human trafficking and human smuggling.  Further emphasis will be paid to the concerns and necessary precautions for the legal and humanitarian standards to be met during migration related operations.


Objectives: Upon completion of the module, the trainees will be able to:

  1. Understand International Law basic concepts regarding migration related operations.
  2. Understand International Law basic concepts regarding Saving Lives at Sea.
  3. Distinguish different types of migration at sea from a legal point of view.
  4. Identify key legal and humanitarian issues and concerns in the process of handling migration related incidents at sea.


The duration of the module is 3 training hours.