Description: The module’s main objective is to present the trainees with the common phases of a migration related operation and the ways to prepare and organize the unit for participation in such an operation.  The module will also provide knowledge on some of the duties and responsibilities of the involved personnel in such an operation.


Objectives: Upon completion the trainees will be able to:

  1. Describe the common phases in a migration related operation.
  2. Properly undertake the needed preparations for safely and securely conducting the unit’s task.
  3. Identify the most critical parts in executing the operation and plan for them.
  4. Point out different ways of handling complications which may arise during execution of the task.
  5. State the teams, groups and individual specialists involved during a conduct of illegal immigration related operation.
  6. Describe the assigned duties to the personnel according to the unit’s organization.


The duration of the module is 2 training hours.