Description: Provide a concise overview of IED components, the identification criteria, the IED classification and a Water-borne IED (WBIED) introduction.

Additional areas covered:

  1. IED methods of initiation.
  2. IED components.
  3. Suicide devices.
  4. Maritime devices.

Objectives: Upon completion students will be able to:

  1. Summarize the Basic IED Make-up/Components of an IED.
  2. Classify IEDs– by method of initiation.
  3. Differentiate between common explosive payloads Military Explosive/HME, Incencendiary etc.
  4. Recognise differences between WBIEDs and land used
  5. Explain the technical advantages and disadvantages of enemy use of WBIEDs.

The duration of the module is 1 training hour.