Description: The purpose of these simulations is for the Command Team to have an opportunity to consolidate and apply all the concepts discussed in the Course 1000 modules in an effective manner.


Objectives: The Command Team members will practice the following through simulation:

  1. MIO procedures (detection, surveillance, interrogation, approach, stopping, boarding, and diversion).
  2. Implementation of ROE.
  3. MIO communication procedures (hail, query, warnings, code words, live chat communication, etc).
  4. Reviewing and responding to MIO messages.
  5. Decision making based on intelligence injects and cooperation with other units.
  6. A Command Team may use the “Maritime Operational Centre” to train on topics like Search and Rescue (SAR), protection from pollution at sea, and illegal immigration.


Other: Module 1090 (MIO Simulator training/SIMEX) may be provided either after the completion of Course 1000 series modules or as a stand-alone module to trainees, according to the skills of the unit.

The duration of the simulation exercise is 7 hours (including time to familiarize with the simulator).

Module 1090 can only be delivered within NMIOTC premises.

Using the simulator requires working knowledge of English language.