Description: The main objective of the module is to improve the Command Team members’ knowledge of their own, boarding team, and ship control team structure in order to conduct safe and successful MIOs.

This module describes and explains the shipboard organization related to MIO. The composition and responsibilities of Command, Boarding and Ship Control Teams are discussed. Support requirements for the Boarding Team and the safe usage of equipment related to MIO are examined as well. Topics also include command briefs, operational briefs, as well as defensive considerations.

Objectives: Upon completion, the Command Team will be efficient in:

  1. Composing a logically structured Command Team (CT).
  2. Organizing a Boarding Team (BT).
  3. Explaining the composition and functions of a ship control team (SCT).
  4. Listing the recommended equipment for a BT and a SCT to properly conduct their duties.

The duration of the module is 1 training hour.