Description: The main objective of the module is to provide Command Team personnel with the required knowledge to thoroughly understand and manage the different MIO phases.

This module provides an over view of the execution of MIO and introduces the various MIO phases. Furthermore, it outlines the intelligence support needed prior to starting any MIO. Topics include area surveillance and contact assessment during MIO, Suspect Vessel Interrogation, Approach and Stopping procedures (SVIAS), shipboard requirements and preparations needed prior to starting the SVIAS, boarding and diversion procedures. Moreover, basic procedures for incorporating and working with Special Operation Force’s (SOF) are discussed.

Objectives: Upon completion the Command Team will have improved its knowledge and efficiency in:

  1. Applying surveillance and assessment information into
  2. Implementing proper techniques and procedures during the interrogation, approach, and stopping of a suspect vessel.
  3. Necessary procedures and precautions in case of boarding diversion, or SOF operations.

The duration of the module is 4 training hours.