Description: The main objective of the Module is to improve Command Team members’ knowledge with respect to the legal frame work of MIO. It also includes other legal-related aspects that affect MIO. Trainees will begin to comprehend, by application, the impact of ROE in the planning and execution of MIO.

The module provides an introduction to the legal framework related to MIO, describes and explains the relationship between Rules of Engagement (ROE) and International Law, the impact of National Laws in ROE implementation, and touches upon specific ROE topics such as the right of self defense. The module also illus the right of self defense.

The module also illustrates NATO ROE applicable to MIO and NATO procedures related to ROE request, authorization, and implementation. A review of previous MIOs, taking ROE as the main consideration, is provided.

Objectives: Upon completion of the module, Command Team personnel will be able to better:

  1. Describe the Legal framework related to MIO in accordance with national and international legislation.
  2. Apply the NATO ROE process in MIO.

The duration of the module is 3 training hours.