Description: The main objec tive of the module is to provide the Command Team personnel with the required knowledge to comprehend the intelligence background, recours es and requirements related to the planning and execution of MIO.

During this module, theoretical issues related to intelligence and its application in actual operations is discussed. The most relevant MIO intelligence tools, military and civilian, are presented. This aim is to provide the trainees a robust overview of intelligence gathering techniques, with respect to MIO, and the ability to process that information. Topics include open source databases, websites, and the CEBOSS system. Additionally, the importance and contribution of Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping (NCAGS) and the NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) to MIOs, is discussed.

Objectives: Upon completion, the Command Team will have a good understanding in:

  1. Describing the background of MIO-related intelligence.
  2. Outlining the intelligence structure used within NATO for MIO.
  3. Listing the available tools for intelligence collection in support of MIO.
  4. Defining the specific intelligence requirements for MIO.

The duration of the module is 2 training hours.