Description: The main objective of the module is to improve the skills of Command Team personnel by familiarizing them with MIO-related messages. Examples are based on previous and ongoing NATO and UN Operations (e.g. Operation Active Endeavour, Operation Ocean Shield and UNIFIL).

The module presents general information about NATO messages, details of message structure of the OPTASK MIO/OPTASK MIO SUPP, and briefly, other MIO-related messages. Lastly, this module provides an analysis of necessary data to be included in an OPTASK MIO and information that is usually provided within its paragraphs.

Objectives: Upon completion the Command Team will be efficient in:

  1. Explaining the NATO messaging System.
  2. Analyzing the data contained in an OPGEN and OPTASK MIO/MIO SUPP.
  3. Drafting MIO Related Messages.

The duration of the module is 2 training hour.