Description: The lesson will provide the trainees with the basic concepts and tools needed to apply the gender perspective within working in maritime operations. Through interactive scenario-based exercises the trainees will gain an understanding of how the different needs and roles of men, women, girls and boy impact military tasks and functions. Moreover, the trainees will learn practical lessons on how applying gender perspective contributes to operational effectiveness. The course focuses on the maritime environment and specifically on the gender dimensions in border management, human trafficking and illegal migration.

OBJECTIVES: Upon the completion the trainees will be able to:

  1. Understand the basic gender concepts
  2. Conduct a needs & threats analysis under a gender perspective
  3. Identify how gender can enhance operational effectiveness
  4. Implement a gender lens in maritime operations
  5. Enhance knowledge on trafficking and SEA
  6. Have a thorough understanding of the code of conduct and zero tolerance policy

The duration of the module is 2 training hours.