Description: The main objective of the Module is the comprehension from the Command Team personnel of the MIO Concept and the improvement of its skills to the necessary level in order to plan and execute an effectively MIO.

The module provides an introduction to MIO describing definitions of key terms related to this kind of operations and the basic concept upon which there are based on. Topics include MIO authorization provisions and implementations, command and control relationships and responsibilities as well as communication issues. The module also identifies key elements of Operation Planning Process (OPP) used in MIO, which means that attributes, principles and different stages of OPP are being dis cussed extensively. Safety issues related to different phases of MIO are thoroughly illustrated. Additional analysis of Lessons Learned from previous MIO is provided. Examples based on previous and ongoing Operations (e.g. Operation Active Endeavour, UNIFIL, Sharp Guard), are being used.

Objectives: Upon completion, the Command Team will improve its knowledge and understanding for:

  1. Describe the step of the NATO Operation Planning Progress (OPP).
  2. Restate the key forms and definitions used in MIO.
  3. Outline the command structure of a MIO.
  4. Exploit the Lessons Identified/Lessons Learned from previous MIO.

The duration of the module is 3 training hours.