The aim of the this course is to train Special Operation Forces, SOF-like forces and SOF enablers to identify what operations and tasks at tactical level their units should be able to conduct within Joint Operation Area (JOA), during a multinational operation.

General information pertinent to all “20000 series” modules

Class Size: Max: 24 and Min: 8.



  1. Language proficiency: Trainees must have the following standards of proficiency in English (as described/coded in 2009 STANAG 6001, Edition 3):

1/ Listening (Professional/3)

2/ Speaking (Functional/2)

3/ Reading (Professional/3)

4/ Writing (Functional/2)

(SLP 3232)


2. To achieve ELO in accordance with standards stated below the table it’s vital to be carrying out the following skills:

Skill / Capability Proposed training subjects
Basic techniques Room clearing, entry techniques, stair clearing, search, first aid, CBRN, navigation communication, EO awareness skills
Weapons proficiency Close quarter shooting, security measures to avoid fratricides and collateral damages, common knowledge of unit-weapons, target discrimination
Explaining of the physical environment Cover, concealment, use of the depth of rooms, determination of the best approach in the Coastal Sites
Physical fitness Combat conditioning (training with full equipment and ballistic protection)
Mental endurance Combat conditioning contributes to a better confidence. The implementation of stress factors such as sounds, smells, (changing) temperature, humidity obscured vision, and darkness leads to better mental endurance. These effects are enhanced when used in enclosed training spaces like shooting houses or subterranean facilities
Cultural and Gender Explaining Cultural, gender and religious awareness, language phrases


NMIOTC provides:

  1. For theoretical part : Classroom equipped with multimedia capabilities including interactive boards, lectures, internet access, NMIOTC intranet library, handouts and mission specific scenarios.


2. For practical part : Any trainee may bring his own gear/equipment to the course. The training needs such as Coastal Urban Training Area (CUTA), Ambulance with paramedic, Training Yard including Fast Rope Tower, Any available asset(s) to be used for transportation of trainees suitable to generic JOA and Role Players; will be provided by NMIOTC.

In case of need NMIOTC is also may provide the items listed in below table:

Nu. Equipment/Gear/Item
1 Protective gear: goggles, ear protection, helmets, gloves, face masks (24)
2 Replica guns and knives (24)
3 Climbing rope, 11mm diameter,  Titanium hooks (4), Climbing Carabiners (4); Industrial descender (6)
4 Portable radios (24);
5 Simweapons and magazines (30)
6 Simmunition Rounds (9 mm. and 5.56 mm)
7 Flashlights (24)
8 Holsters and belts (24)
9 Handcuffs (12);
10 Life vest with chemical lights and whistle (30)
11 Fast Rope climbing equipment (5 sets)
12 Safety tube line (30)


Course Duration: The course will occur over 10 working days (2 week).


Accreditation: The Course is accredited as “NATO Approved” and is open to members of countries that comprise NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) and Partners across the Globe (PatG).


Target audience: Officers ranging from OF-1 to OF-3/4 (Specialized Teams, SOF Units, Amphibious Units) and Petty Officers (CPO, PO) / Enlisted personnel ranging from OR-1 to OR-9 (Specialized Teams, SOF Units, Amphibious Units) .