This course aims to educate and train boarding team personnel in NATO TTPs in order to undertake targeted maritime search and exploitation tasks on board vessels and other maritime infrastructure in support of C-IED operations.


On completion of the Course students will be able to:

  1. Develop IED threat awareness and adapt search principles that support the Attacking the Network (AtN), C-IED main line of effort,
  2. Identify pre-boarding requirements (key considerations for conducting vessel search, tactical considerations, required resources and on-board actions),
  3. Integrate knowledge, skills and techniques in support of CME (on-board site exploitation, perform evidence / biometrics / forensics collection, vessel and people search) through mentored exercises, a Table Top Exercise (TTX) and a Final Tactical C-IED Exercise (FTX).

General information pertinent to all “12000 series” modules

Class Size: Max: 24 and Min: 8.



  1. Language proficiency: Students should have the following standards of proficiency in English (as described/coded in 2009 STANAG 6001, Edition 3):

1/ Listening (Professional/3)

2/ Speaking (Functional/2)

 3/ Reading (Professional/3)

4/ Writing (Functional/2)

(SLP 3232)

2.  Computer skills: Students should be familiar with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.


Course Length: The course will occur over 5 working days (1 week).


NMIOTC Resources: Minimum resources required for the completion of this course are 4 classrooms equipped with multimedia capabilities including interactive boards/lectures/internet access (for syndicate work), simweapons/dummy weapons, fixed training platforms and sea-borne target vessel/boat, RHIBs and other insertion platforms, Search Equipment including hand held metal detectors/cameras,Basic Exploitation Equipment (evidence collection/ forensics), Two (2) Specialist Instructors, SEEK II Devices for Biometrics collection, Role Players and Safety personnel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as necessary.


Accreditation: The Course is accredited as “NATO Approved” and is open to NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI), releasable also to ISAF Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs), that have expressed a keen interest in the subject matter, Partners across the Globe (PatG) and Boarding Team members or equivalent civilian personnel who are involved in Maritime Security and MIO, potentially related with C-IED in the Maritime Environment.


Other: The Course is focused on the C-IED “Attack the Network (AtN)” main line of effort and is classified as “NATO Unclassified”.