Class Size: Max: 24 and Min: 8.



Language proficiency:  Trainees must have the following standards of proficiency in English (as described/coded in 2009 STANAG 6001, Edition 3):

1/ Listening (Professional/3)

2/ Speaking (Functional/2)

3/ Reading (Professional/3)

4/ Writing (Functional/2)

SLP 3232


Specific Objectives:

Students shall be able to deliver basic medical assistance by:

  1. Conducting first responder/combat lifesaver procedures (i.e. lethal bleedings, airway dysfunctions, circulation problems, e.t.c.).
  2. Enhancing their skills during battlefield conditions in support of maritime operations (low visibility, firings, combat stress).
  3. Identifying the first-aid equipment and its usage.
  4. Describing the activation of the 9-line CASEVAC procedure.
  5. Conducting basic MIO medical planning.
  6. Executing different types of transporting wounded/injured personnel.


Course Duration: The course will last ten (10) working days.