On conclusion of the Course, participants will be able to:

      1. Engage and deliver fire from land to floating targets at sea;
      2. Engage and deliver fire from helicopter to stable and also towed targets at sea;
      3. Engage and deliver fire from a naval vessel to stable and also towed targets at sea;
      4. Plan and conduct Sniper Operations in maritime environment.

General information pertinent to all “Maritime Sniper Course series” modules



  1. Language proficiency: The course will be conducted in English. Translation to/from other languages will not be provided. All trainees must pass the English language test with a minimum of 70%. The test will be held at NMIOTC premises, as it is written in the Schedule of Events (Enclosure 2 to the Invitation Letter).

Course Duration: The course will occur over 11 days (2 weeks).


Accreditation: The course is marked as “NATO Unclassified” and is open to members of countries that comprise NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) and Partners across the Globe (PatG).



  1. Nations are encouraged to send complete teams of two (2) trained snipers, however individuals Snipers are also eligible to participate.
  2. All trainees are encouraged to bring their own weapons with all accessories, equipment and also ammunition (3000 rounds) in order to get the full value of the training (train as you fight).
  3. The training platform can support the use of weapons systems from .223 up to .300 WinMag.
  4. The trainees are authorized to have bolt action, however, are encouraged to bring semi automatic weapon systems.
  5. The trainees have to follow the appropriate process in order to transport their own weapons in due time.
  6. The participants must attend at least 85% of the classes of the course. The achievement of POs / ELOs will be assessed during the practical training by the instructors who will closely monitoring the training process.