The scope of the course encompasses group projects work, classroom presentations and simulation exercises, to achieve a practical understanding, learn the prerequisite terminology, operational philosophy and guidance utilized in NATO maritime forces operations and exercises.

Target audience is NATO and Partner Naval personnel involved in NATO-led Maritime Operations and Exercises NATO Maritime Ops, ranging from OR-9 to OF-5. Additionally, it is open to equivalent Law Enforcement (Coast Guard, Port Police) or civilian personnel and can be attended also by members of civilian organizations.


SIMEX: After the completion of the theoretical part the trainees will be practicing in the Tactical MIO Simulator and utilize Module 1090 – “MIO Simulator Training/SIMEX” (see Module 1090 description). The simulation will give the trainees the opportunity to implement their skills by applying communication procedures, NATO ROEs by demonstrating verbal and written skills on requesting/authorizing/employing of appropriate ROEs and use of MIO Terminology and Procedures.

General information pertinent to all “5000 series” modules

Class Size: Max: 14 and Min: 12 trainees


  1. Language proficiency: Trainees must have the following standards of proficiency in English (as described/coded in 2009 STANAG 6001, Edition 3):

1/ Listening (Professional/3)

2/ Speaking (Functional/2)

3/ Reading (Professional/3)

4/ Writing (Functional/2)

(SLP 3232)

2.  Computer skills: Basic skills in a Graphical User Interface (GUI) Operating System, as well as basic skills in word processing and Power Point Presentation.


NMIOTC provides: classroom equipped with multimedia capabilities including interactive boards, 1 laptop per student in the classroom/lecture room with intranet and internet access, lectures and mission specific serious games in MIO Tactical Simulator.


Course Duration: The course will occur over 10 working days (2 weeks).


Accreditation: The Course is accredited as “NATO Approved” and is open to NATO, Partnership for Peace (PfP), Mediterranean Dialogue (MD), Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) and Partners across the Globe (PatG) countries.