The aim of the course is to provide comprehensive knowledge to facilitate understanding of the procedures for building up interoperable capabilities between NATO Allies. It specifically focuses on the identification and application of the necessary capabilities’ standardization requirements defined during the steps of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) and will cover multiple practical examples with thorough contextual explanation. The course lecturers are experienced NATO Defence Planners and Standardization Managers from NATO HQs and from Defense Organizations of NATO. On completion of the course, students will be able to:
a. Apply knowledge and skills in realization of building up interoperable capabilities through the entire process of NDPP and Standardization.
b. Apply the basic principles for identifying the critical standardization requirements in support of interoperable capabilities.
c. Use the NATO standardization management tools in support of identification and review of NATO standards related to NDPP Capabilities.

The course target audience is, candidates or already nominated NATO and National Defence Planners, Standardization Managers and National Representatives in NATO Operational and Materiel Standardization Working Groups. Additionally, the course is also addressed to national representatives in NATO standardization bodies (Standardization Tasking Authorities/ Delegated Tasking Authorities) and standards/custodial writing teams. NATO Senior Committees staff and NATO bodies involved in the NDPP and Standardization Processes are also included in the target

The course is conducted in English. Translation to/from other languages is not provided. The following proficiency standards in English are required to attend:
Listening professional (3), Speaking professional (3), Reading professional (3), Writing professional (3) (STANAG 6001, ed. 5).

The course is marked as Restricted NMIOTC applies security arrangements and regulations according to NATO standards.