From 30th April to 1st May 2019, NMIOTC participated in the CJOS COE Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable 2019 in Norfolk VA, USA. The center contributed to the event by providing one of the panels, focused on the Cyber Security in Maritime Domain with the theme “Cyber Defense as a form of Hybrid Threat in MSO”. NMIOTC’s panel comprised of NMIOTC Commandant , Commodore Stelios Kostalas GRC (N) as a chairman, and Lt Cdr Dimitrios Megas GRC (N) – NMIOTC Staff, Dr Alberto Domingo ACT, Mr Christos Vidakis Deloitte, Professor Maria Papadaki- Plymouth University as speakers. NMIOTC’s panel objective was to highlight the cyber threat rising in the Maritime Domain and discuss how cyber capabilities are a critical enabler of success across all missions, ensuring that these capabilities are leveraged by commanders and decision-makers from tactical, operational and strategic level. Finally, NMIOTC had the opportunity to present to all Maritime community participants the outcomes of the 3rd NMIOTC Conference on Cyber Security in Maritime Domain which took place at its premises from 10th to 11th of April 2019.