The “Train-the-Trainers Technical Instructors” Course was conducted at NMIOTC premises from 14th to 25th January 2019, in cooperation with the Hellenic Navy Training Centre “PALASKAS’’.

The Course aim was to provide a comprehensive training package to the trainees in the field of acquiring the overall general familiarity by transmitting and certifying pedagogical knowledge and enhancing their presentation and speaking skills. Course 17000 is considered of a great value in the light of maintaining / improving quality of deliverable training thus raising the level of educational standards.

NMIOTC in absolute coherence with SACT Quality Assurance Unconditional Accreditation award follows an Academic Staff Development Program. This program includes NMIOTC instructors’ participation to Course 17000 after every rotation of military personnel as a matter of professional update and to ensure that NMIOTC educators possess the knowledge and skills required to be involved effectively to the learning/teaching process.

Twelve (12) staff officers in total participated in the course from Bahrain, Estonia, Greece, Malta, Poland and Romania.