Description: The main objective of the module is to evaluate Command Team’s ability to effectively and efficiently plan and contact MIO in accord ance with NATO doctrines and procedures, through the execution of MIO related scenarios.

After the successful completion of courses 1000, 2000

and 3000, the unit as a whole is challenged by an exercise. This is the Final Tactical Exercise (FTX), which is based on a tailored, mission specific MIO scenario and is being controlled by EXCONCELL comprising of NMIOTC staff. Exercise’s documents (EXSPEC, EXPLAN, Exercise Scenario, Intel and exercise messages) are delivered to the participating ship well in advance. Command Team prepares the OPTASK MIO related to the scenario and the ship must be properly organized and ready to conduct MIO. During the exercise, the Command Team practices:

  1. Legal issues related to MIO, impact of ROE to MIO and ROE Request/Authorization/Implementation procedures.
  2. Intelligence gathering and conducting surface operations in support of MIO.
  3. Standard MIO communication procedures.
  4. Planning and conducting different MIO phases.

During the FTX, NMIOTC’s Sea Trainers/Instructors evaluate the ship’s Command Team for their ability to work as a team (organising, planning, executing) during MIO.

The duration of the module (FTX) is 7 training hours.